Things You Must Know Before Going for Desert Safari

Best Desert Safari

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Desert Safari? Sand dunes! And a car diving and surfing on them? EXACTLY! So much energy and adventure it is. Desert Safari is the aesthetic of the Middle East and widely known in Dubai as a tourist attractor. If you are planning to go for best Desert Safari these vacations then here is your guide to the things that every one MUST know before stepping in the desert.

What does Desert Safari Actually Comprise?

Basically, it’s a famous activity of the Middle East as most of their land contains desert and beautiful palm trees with ponds. Tourists that come from the whole world are majorly attracted by the desert as nature has its own significance in every part of the world. Desert Safari is your one day trip to explore the beauty of the desert and to get mused by it. Different tourism sites provide a number of activities in your one day Desert Safari trip. It contains camel riding, sand boarding and even henna designs i.e. YOU GET TO LIVE LIKE AN ARAB FOR A DAY that ends up with a dinner in a camp made in Arabic style.

Camel Riding

Let’s talk about things that are to be considered before going for the desert safari.

1. Preventive measures:

  • You must make sure that no one is scared of a rough drive as in sand dunes while bashing them the ride gets really rough and you would never want someone to get sick or faint during this adventurous experience.
  • You must consider not talking kids under 4-6 age to this tour as it contains sand dunes bashing which are harmful to them.
  • Do make sure that the site or the driver you choose is licensed and the vehicle is properly fit for a rough ride.
  • Do make sure that the driver is trained for first aid in case of any accidents as they come along with adventures.
  • Make sure to take a good sunscreen with you so you don’t face sunburns and spend a good time.
  • Water bottles so that you don’t dehydrate in the hot sand dunes of the desert.

2. Activities:

Desert Safari Dubai Video

Quad bike safari:

Quad bikes in Dubai are a tribute to every adventurer’s desire which single-handedly can satisfy your adrenaline sprint.

Quad Bike Riding


 One of the famous activities that the land of Deserts provides you with is sandboarding. You get to ski on a ski board from a high sand dune and even if you fall, does it matter? NO! that’s the fun part as its all desert and sand dunes are soft yet musing.

Falconry experience:

Falcons sitting on your arm and your dress on fleek, such a perfect photo! Isn’t it? That’s the taste of Arabs that you get to try in the Desert Safari Deals. Well trained falcons are used for this purpose

Camel Trek:

This is for sure something you’ll like to do while the sun is setting. Camels are the symbol of deserts and are provided to enjoy the beauty of the desert widely.

Wrapping the day up with a beautiful Arabic cuisine dinner arranged in an Arabic designed tent will make your every penny worth it. That was our guide to all the things that you needed to know before booking your Desert Safari trip.  Now, book your trip! Pack bags! Take out your camera and enjoy the journey. 

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