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How to Choose Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are more more popular nowadays, as they no harm to your own hair, and can hlep you change your style, add length and thickness in less an hour. But when you first time buying a tape hair extension, there is definitely something you should now.

The first basis to consider in choosing tape hair extensions is how much the tape hair extensions cost. The Various tape hair extensions exist and quite a number of tape hair extensions techniques are available, but the most important is how much the various tape extensions cost. Very expensive Tape hair extensions would limit the chances of purchasing them. However, its important to choose the best without compromising the quality of tape hair extensions.

The second basis of choosing the tape hair extensions is the place where to obtain the tape hair extensions. The further distance where the tape hair extensions are obtained, the higher the cost. Because various locations have different costs in terms of imports and custom duties. Even they told you free shipping or sth, the price must has covered those costs.

The third consideration on choosing tape hair extensions is qualtiy of the tape hair extensions. Some tape hair extensions do destroy the hair, so you have to choose the 100% VIRGIN REMY HUMAN HAIR.

here are two steps to check whether the hair is 100% virgin remy human hair.

First, touch the hair extensions from the top to the bottom, they should feel very smooth, this means this is remy human hair without non-remy hair.

Then, you should touch from the bottom to the top, and the feel should be a little rough, as the touch moves agains the cuticles direction. This means the hair is remy hair with cuticles, the hair is healthy and strong. But if the feel is as smooth as you touch from the top to the bottom, this means, the hair has no cuticle at all, and the hair without cuticles isn’t as strong as the one with cuticles.

So, when you buy hair extensions, you should consider the price, and the place you buyFree Reprint Articles, and touch it.

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